Smart Glasses Experience Day
Within a Smart Glasses Experience Day your employees get to know an overview of smart glasses, their application possibilities and limits in the context of an Inhouse Seminary. Flanking topics such as labour law and psychological implications are also examined. In addition to the lecture parts all participants have the opportunity to try out various devices with some reference applications in detail.

The agenda of a Smart Glasses Experience Day can look like this and can be extended by individual topics:
  • Digitization, Industry 4.0 and the human factor
  • Augmented Reality and Smart Glasses in the industry. Application possibilities and limitations
  • The human factor decides: About user acceptance, work psychology and legal aspects
  • Experience it: Try out smart glasses and their applications
  • World Cafe for a systematical documentation of your eployees' ideas
  • Experience reports: Stories of failure and success stories
Smart Glasses Consulting Day
Our many years of experience in the development of industrial smart glasses and augmented reality applications are outstanding. We know that it is particularly important to set the right course when starting projects in the environment of these technologies. Therefore, with a Smart Glasses Consulting Day we offer companies the opportunity to steer their project in the right direction.

The following parts are covered by a Smart Glasses Consulting Day:
  • Preliminary interview for the first analysis of your application case
  • Preparation of the on-site visit and joint coordination of the agenda
  • Workshop in your company for detailed analysis of your application (not only in the meeting room, but also directly at the target workstation on your shop floor)
  • Development of a technical and organisational implementation roadmap for your application case
  • Related estimation of implementation efforts
  • Follow-up and provision of comprehensive documentation of results